Plain Jane Fire Pit with Swing Arm BBQ Rack - 60cm

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This Plain Jane garden fire pit features a swing-arm BBQ rack, for the ultimate mix of style and practicality. Hand made from 3mm-thick steel by expert craftsmen, the thick walls of this fire pit will radiate plenty of heat to keep you and your guests warm. Ideal for outdoor gatherings, the Plain Jane will help to create a wonderful ambiance in your garden. What’s more, once you’re done cooking, the swing arm BBQ rack can be lifted off, so you can enjoy the atmosphere of this fire pit even more. For maximum user friendliness, the swing arm on this fire pit can be moved up and down, allowing you to adjust the height whilst cooking.

Our hand made fire pits will take 6 – 8 weeks between ordering and delivery.

How Big is the Plain Jane Fire Pit?

The dimensions of this fire pit are:

Depth: 17cm

Height (including stand): 42cm

Diameter: 60cm

Suitable for: Up to 6 people

Recommended fuel: Charcoal or seasoned logs

Setting a Fire on the Plain Jane

  • Always use seasoned, kiln-dried firewood to reduce the amount of smoke produced.
  • We’d recommend lighting your fire pit an hour before you plan to use it. This will give the initial smoke time to settle, and leave embers behind for cooking.
  • Fill the Plain Jane Fire Pit to the edge, making the log pile as tall as possible. Large fires will settle to the perfect size, ensuring a very hot centre, which means additional fuel will burn well.

Cooking with this Swing Arm Fire Pit

  • Once you’re ready to cook, separate the burning logs from the hot embers using an ash rake.
  • Move the swing arm BBQ rack over the hot embers, not the flames.
  • If you require more heat, move the rack over the flaming logs.
  • If you’re in a hurry, move the fire to one side and add charcoal for faster BBQing.
  • Ensure that your fire does not go out, or you’ll have to start again.
  • After cooking, mix charcoal and wood with new, dry logs for a fire that will burn well into the evening.

How to Clean this Fire Pit After Cooking

  • Use a wire brush to clean away embers from the base of the fire pit, and then rinse it with water. Once clean and cool, we’d recommend coating the Plain Jane and its swing arm BBQ rack in cooking oil. This will help to preserve its original colour for longer.

How to Care for Your Plain Jane Fire Pit

  • This fire pit can be stored indoors or outdoors, however if left outside the metal will rust more quickly. This is an expected part of this fire pit’s aging process, and will not affect its usability or durability. If you’d like to keep it looking new for longer, follow the cleaning instructions above and store your Plain Jane in a cool, dry place.

NB: All of our hand made fire pits will begin to rust quickly, and will not maintain their original black finish. This is due to the steel oxidising when exposed to the air, which will result in a natural, deep autumn-coloured patina. This will simply add unique character to your fire pit, and will have no effect on its longevity, durability, or usability.

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